Caleb Leigh

I'm the proud Founder of Visuals by Impulse, the largest design marketplace for broadcasters.



Hi! I'm a first time founder based in Denver, Colorado. I grew up in Central Illinois surrounded by corn. I graduated in 2013 with my B.A. in Computer Science in the suburbs of Chicago.

A passion for technology and data based decisions have always been my north star for everything I do. I've had the honor of working with many brilliant minds at Fortune 500 companies solving cyber security challenges. Life was very much a matter of enabling employees to do their job, securely. But after 6 years of that, I got bored. Enter VBI.

I love discussing new technologies, products, marketing and entrepreneurship. My hope is to inspire a new generation of gig-economy entrepreneurs & to chase their dream.

In my free time, I can be found scouting for a new sour beer, reading, spending too much time on Product Hunt and pretending to be good at video games.


🛠️ Stealth mode, building with Elgato

🏔️ Working from home in Denver

🎮 Playing Rush Royale


Sell your designs on the VBI Marketplace! Reach out to me for more information and the password to our Contributor site. 👍

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  • I can play drums, but cannot read music
  • Born with a high frequency hearing loss
  • My entrepreneurial interests were likely attributed to TSO
  • I've watched every episode ever created of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air - multiple times
  • I despise roller coasters
  • Despite not liking roller coasters, I think it'd be pretty damn cool to ride-along in a F-16 jet

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